FROID. sur scène/On stage:
AUDREY ATTANE: Percussions
JB WARNIER: Baritone guitar /Banjo

-2021-2022 :Working on a new Album.

-2017: 2nd album : /Bristol UK by Jim barr 
With John Baggot/Pete Judge/Jake mcMurchie (Get the blessing/Portishead/Massive attack)

-2011 : Recording of the first FROID album in Bristol (uk) by Jim Barr (Get the blessing, Portishead)

-2008: Formation of FROID. (Audrey Attané/Thierry Polèse)

-2006: NO NON NEIN Live à Barbey/ODETTE PROD//Bordeaux

-2004:Worked with JP Maillard, Dionysos' sound engineer.
NO NON NEIN/Live au passe muraille » (JP Maillard) AUTOPROD//Grenoble)

-2000: Formation of  NO NON NEIN ( Thierry Polese, Audrey Attané, Benjamin Tixier)